Sunday, January 30, 2011

2255 FILMS goes to Washington

I got confirmation I will be shooting in DC next Saturday.  Not sure the number of interviews that are lined up for that day, but it doesn’t much matter.  I’m just happy my new light came in today.  Had I known it would be so compact and easy to assemble I probably would have bought in bulk.  Something I will no doubt keep in mind before this years P21 event in August.
Believe it or not I’m actually packing even lighter than the trip out to LA.  After doing a little research on the parking situation in DC I’ve decided to take the metro in on Friday night.  Parking for one twenty four hour period at the hotel is actually more expensive than parking at one of the metro lots for the entire weekend.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the metro is the way to go.  I hate to lug film gear on the subway but it’s not like I haven’t done it before.  Nothing says miserable more than lugging light kits and a bulky 16mm camera on the 6 during rush hour.  My gear/clothes will be confined to a messenger bag weighing no more than 30 pounds.
This is already feeling like routine to me.  I’m not nervous about the shoot and currently the only concern I have at the moment is to get over this funk I’ve had for a little over a week.  I really don’t want to be sick during the shoot and I certainly don’t want to infect anyone with this plague.
The New York gig is on for March and DLS asked if I had a bio written up.  Just the thought of one makes my head hurt.  To actually whip something up would probably give me an instant migraine.  I have no idea what to write when it comes to things like that. In the grand scheme of things I’m pretty boring.  I don’t go out all hours of the night to party.  Which to me seems to equate to being a really lame read.  The bio isn’t even written and I can already hear the crickets chirping in the background.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The weird go pro.

LA was pretty surreal this past weekend. I still can’t believe I was out there filming for the documentary.  It was actually odd as I sat in LAX with DLS waiting on the flight home.  Both of us were completely exhausted as we sputtered out at random intervals:
Holy shit, we’re doing this.
I realize technically it began several weeks back with the shoot in Philadelphia but this weekend was the no turning back point.  This was the defining moment that would give us the boost to carry on with the project.  We didn’t achieve our over all objective of five interviews and one panel discussion, but we got damn close in the time we were allotted.  Overall I deem this borderline impromptu road trip a great success.
When I first arrived at the airport and met up with DLS I was a bit dismayed by the fact that our one interviewee was adamant about filming at the hotel.  This was a bit off putting since I had actually dumped the extra gear to the wayside at 2am the previous night because I was under the impression everything was to be conducted at the law school on Saturday.  Had this happened to me five years ago I probably would have had a complete meltdown before checking in my bag.  I was good.  No screaming or cussing.  I knew this was something I couldn’t resolve until I got to the hotel so that I could take inventory of what I had access to.  
Once we got to the room I scoped things out.  It wasn’t the best scenario, but I could work with it.  We dumped the gear and ran off to the grocery store to stock up on caffeine.  I knew there was no other way I was going to survive the weekend without it.  I was also happy to learn that not only is DLS not a morning person but she’s violent before that first sip of highly caffeinated tea. That’s where we hit a snag.  We found tea bags at the grocery store but our hotel room didn’t have any way to heat up water.  That’s when my inner trailer trash kicked in and I started to search the grocery store for a sterno can, cake rack and four cans of soup.  While the idea was brilliant, at least in my opinion it was, it was simply not meant to be.  DLS had to settle for a rockstar to jumpstart her in the morning and I was left wondering why I hadn’t thought of looking up a camping store in advance of the trip.
Five minutes before the first interviewee arrived I was still in my flannel cocktail PJs in a blanket cocoon.  Thirty seconds prior to arrival I was caffeinated, dressed and setting up the shoot.  Interview went well and it actually went over the thirty minute allotment we had set aside.  As far as the documentary stand point this was great, scheduling for the rest of the day however took a hit as we found ourselves running to the diner up the street to eat breakfast in under fifteen minutes so that we could be at the law school on time.

We were late.  By about ten minutes.  The first panel was well on it’s way as we slipped into the back of the lecture hall.  It was an interesting observation for me considering I don’t have any sort of teaching background.  As DLS pointed various people out to me I couldn’t help but giggle a bit to myself.  There were several well known people in the literary world in attendance that afternoon, but it was completely lost to me.  What I found humorous was the grad students that flocked around these individuals.  You could see these twenty somethings with their mouths gaped and hanging on every last word of these professions.  They were essentially the rock stars of literature and they KNEW it.

I filmed the one panel we were slated for but then things got sort of grim.  We were informed that the law school would only have us until 5 that afternoon and the separate interviews might not happen due to time constraints.  Out of the four interviews we had slated we nailed down two when we combined the interview shortly after five PM.  I kep waiting for the security guard the throw us off campus, but he actually was very cool about us being there.  We didn’t leave the lecture hall until 6:30 that night.

The handful of people that were still left on campus invited us out afterwards.  The irony in the invite was that none of them were LA natives so none knew where to go.  Luckily an executive decision was made to return to our hotel lobby for cheap burgers and drinks.  We BSed with them (the literary rockstars) until about ten and turned in shortly thereafter.
Got up, got dressed and flew home.
It’s probably going to take me the rest of the week to recover.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

California dreaming no more...

Flight and Hotel are booked.  I will be heading out to LA on Friday afternoon, shooting on Saturday and returning home on Sunday.  Everything is packed with the exception of my clothes.

Clothes?  We don't need no stinking clothes!