Saturday, May 21, 2011

Social Life or time vortex?!?

In either case I seemed to have missed the entire month of April and just about all of May as well.  I will try my best to give a recap on what’s been going on as far as ‘Junct is concerned.
In late April I shot in the city of brotherly love, in particular the section of Fitler Square.  I had never even heard of the neighborhood prior to the interview but had been told by my partner in crime it was a high rent district.  After doing a little research we found out the cheapest home runs at about 1.25 Mil.  Must be nice to have that kind of scratch!  I really wish I had thought to have gotten a picture of the interior.  It reminded me of a museum.
The person we interviewed on that day is a tenured professor at a local university (he has since retired as of this post).  The man had a rather interesting viewpoint on higher education but what really got my attention was a story he was telling us about his time in the deep south during the civil movement.  Though it doesn’t pertain at all to ‘Junct I let the tape roll.  It was fascinating, but probably because I wasn’t even born yet!  Anyway, the interview was short and sweet (clocking in around 35 minutes).  Hopefully it will be something we can use in the final cut.
DLS managed to wrangle one of her past student into shooting more protest footage at Temple as well.  I have yet to get my hands on the footage but I’m sure it is something I can work with.  Slowly things are coming together.  Realistically I see ‘Junct wrapping in it’s entirety by the end of the year (barring catastrophes and meltdowns).  I’m thinking once a rough cut is done having a preview party at my place.  My intention is to get some of my harshest critic friends to sit in with notepads to pick it apart.  It will probably get pretty ugly during that session but it is a necessary evil in my opinion.  I’m not about to make a film that sucks major ass or puts people to sleep.
Next course of action I see is beginning to work on pulling it all together.  We still have only interviews (save the protest footage) so it really needs to get punched up to keep it from being a complete snooze fest.  On my wish list right now I would like to get a few more interviews (politicians, college administration staff, someone conservative), two interns for fall semester (a 2D animator and graphic designer) and footage shadowing an adjunct professor for the fall as well.  I think if I get those things we will be damn close to getting ‘Junct in the can.