Saturday, July 23, 2011

'Junct Update

Brain is fried so check out this clip.
UPDATE:  Information to help can be found here at the latest entry of 'The Homeless Adjunct'.  Please RT and forward to those that may be in a position to help.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A much needed update of randomness

Since I appear to have a few minutes of downtime, or rather my inability to commit to working on the latest project I will give a semi-brief update on all that is 2255 films.  If that isn’t some convoluted fragmented sentence I don’t know what is!
Anyway, the next round of interviews for ‘Junct are scheduled for next weekend.  I am currently waiting on DLS to send a confirmation email in regards to this.  Hopefully, it will be a one day shoot like Philly a couple months back and relatively close.  At this rate I see a RC being finished some time around the end of the year.  Would be nice to have something together for the NFM gathering in January to screen.  I believe it will be in Seattle in 2012.
Had a bit of a hiccup about two weeks back when my main editing machine took a dump.  It took 3 days and under 200 bucks but it lives for another day.  I had been told by the Apple guys for it’s age it had a pretty good run and I should be happy that was it’s furst visit to the Apple doctors.  They also called it ‘vintage’ when I arrived at the store.  I believe that was a nice way of saying:  You really should replace that old piece of shit!  Still, I’m glad it didn’t come to that.  The thought of dropping over 2 grand right before this year’s P21 made me violently ill.
During the downtime I shot a short with Frank J of Frank’s Horrors.  Even before the HD fail on the mac I had decided to try something new this time.  I recorded the audio but shot stills with my digital camera.  If all goes as intended the final product will have a comic book feel to it.  So far I’ve edited roughly 35 stills on the PC using photoshop and it’s by far the most interesting thing I’ve done in post.  I’m hoping once it’s finished I’ll be able to secure an IMDb credit for Frank and the actors.  Working with them was a unique experience and I’m looking forward to having them on set for P21.
Set up the 2255 Films facebook group as well.  Where I’ll be posting more up to date 140 characters or less updates.