Sunday, April 15, 2012

'junct: the poster/DVD concept

So I decided to whip up a little vodcast explaining a bit of the process involving the graphic work for 'Junct that had been done recently.  This is not the final product and I suspect that there will be many changes made until the final product is agreed upon.  I just wanted to share a little behind the scenes stuff for those of you that have been keeping tabs on the project.

I wanted to also give a big thank you to Chip, Hugh, Lisa, Alexandra and Susan for taking time out of their schedule to make this possible.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to Exotic Pittsburgh!

Today my partner formally announced the ‘Junct tour on her blog earlier this morning.  You can read her articulate piece HERE before jumping back to my blog to get the disjointed version written on a third grade level, in crayon.  Though we do not have all the dates locked in we are currently looking for ambassadors* in different cities that are willing to help set up screening/poetry/art type events as well as help promote the shit out of it.  As it stands I took May 19th-28th off from the day job. I’m still working on coverage for the night job and both weekends.
*Ambassadors need to suggest a not to be missed eating establishment.  I have to mention I’m barely 100 pounds soaking wet and I need to eat or I get cranky, fast.  Personally I don’t need fancy and expensive.  I’m looking for grease pits and places that serve food that make your arteries harden just looking at the dish.
At this rate we are trying our best to be realistic about the route.  I had hoped for us to get out to the west coast but due to time constraints I think we will be making that a trip unto itself.  I can hustle when motivated but I doubt the cops would find the humor in my Jersey hijinks.
85 in a 25, probably a bad idea.
That leaves us with a PA, OH, MI, IN, IL, KY, WV loop.  Travel time roughly 1 day 12 hours with 6 stops. The longest stretch is a little over 8 hours heading from the WV area back to Philadelphia. Ultimately it will be left up to what places would like to host us.
At the time of this post we’ve had two screening inquiries: one in NJ at my Alma Mater and the other in Chicago.  Once locked in I will be creating events on the 2255 Facebook group as well as listing them on my website.
In the meantime my friend Chip and I have been monkeying around with the shoot photos from a couple weeks back trying to come up with a layout we all like for the posters/DVD covers.  Below is a few samples (1st layouts) of what we had envisioned.  I’m sure these will change dramatically before the final version, but it’s a start.

#1 First mockup I worked on.  The more I stare at it the more I want to bump up the font size of the slogan 'Can you spare some social change?'  Possibly left justify and run it down the sides.

#2 Mock up I worked on. The location I had picked for the shoot had the electric plant in the background.  Unfortunately it can't bee seen beyond the trees.

#3 Mock up is Chip's crack at it.  I like the approach he took by adding a blue hue to the entire photo.

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